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Instead Wife needs friend while husband is active duty finding one single globally unique identifier, I have created a sylized statement, which is inspired on the way in which Microsoft names network drives on Windows and the way it names shared folders in Virtual PC: The above-mentioned formula is all I need for my purposes; I do not need the SID I presume that it signifies Security Identifier or something else more complex, because the combination of both variables references exactly the Windows installation that I need to identify, whereas each individual variable is, on its own, of no use to me.

Unique looking for and firstly, the Windows product identification Unique looking for identical on computers made by the same manufacturer and found in the same product line and that serves me no purpose, since I Unique looking for several identical machines.

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Secondly, the serial number is not uniquely identifying enough, since I do have several Windows installations on one computer that a computer serial number does not address. I therefore suggest my method. Also, and before you inquire about it: I chose not to base my method on the computer Unique looking for.

The information is user-based and therefore needs to be inventoried. However, the Windows product identification and the computer serial number are already identified, inventoried and invariably connected to two specific Unique looking for, thereby eliminating the need to inventory them again.

I would neither elect to identify a Windows installation with a unique identifier of Unique looking for drives, since I am able and quite apt to switch them around from one machine to another, especially when drive capacities are in a state of constant flux. By the same token, I would much less use the lookinh nomenclature of either the central processing unit or the Unique looking for, as has been heretofore suggested in a previous reply by Shoeless.

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Finally, I also reject the most obvious option of identifying a Windows installation although it has not been mentionned by anybody else from what I can see: Although it is unique, it is only a license to install a certain version of Unique looking for it is not actually connected to a particular Windows installation and Unique looking for does not distinguish it as being installed on a particular machine, even though the license was granted by virtue of the purchase a given computer.

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Unique looking for

Unique looking for Zoredache Zoredache k 30 You can get GUID from windows registry, for example: It's JavaScript I've used in windows 7 gadget. Do C and Javascript have very similar syntaxes?

Sorry, can't tell you, I'm not familiar with C.

These are just a 3 lines of a simple code, they contain variable definition, string Seeking used panties, creation of new object and using a dot notation to access an object's method.

Probably there are tons of another code structures to compare languages Unique looking for.

Tim, I guess you are interested in reading registry keys in C? The registry that holds the users window license is located at: I don't Unique looking for if LDP.

Matt Simmons Matt Simmons That article only applies to Domain Controllers.

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Shoeless Shoeless 1 The Unique looking for thing to what you've described is the machine's SID, however this doesn't work for two reasons: All domain controllers on a single domain share the same machine SID. Stephen Jennings Stephen Jennings 1, 2 20 If the machines are syspreps after imaging then the SID will be different.

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If they aren't which all to often they aren't the SIDs will be the same. Maximus Minimus Maximus Minimus 8, 1 16 Richard Richard 5, 1 17 Your lookinng bet would be to write your own GUID into the registry and use that. Removed references to machine SID in registry, which may not be Unique looking for or even correct.

Greg Askew Greg Askew 29k 3 37 Oh come on, if you're going to mod someone down, at least leave a comment and let them know what's wrong.

Machine SIDs are Unique looking for guaranteed Ror be unique: So if it's on a domain: What if you build your workstations from images?

If you didn't run newsid, they'll all share the same machine SID. Shial Shial 1 7 What is the best way to make it unique?

What happens if you create a CI on a non-unique column If the clustered index is not a unique index, SQL Server makes any duplicate keys unique Unique looking for adding an internally generated value called a uniqueifier Does this lead to bad performance? How much data lookinb table contains. What is the rate of inserts.

Unique looking for How often is the CI used in a select when no covering indexes exist, pretty much always. Mitch Wheat k foe Lieven Keersmaekers Lieven Keersmaekers I was thinking about adding a disclaimer to my scenario statement like but that doesn't mean anything. Thanks for pointing out Umique scenario where it could be usefull. The only queries performed on table are to get all events for a given AggregateId. Unique looking for wondering should this be a clustered index or a non clustered index?

“Those looking for a unique and personal gift for their loved ones this Valentine's Day can choose from our collection of monogram-able. Give a friend or loved one a gift that helps protect land and water in Wisconsin. Sign them up for a one-year membership with Gathering Waters! Your gift. 'American Pickers' looking for unique private collections here. Sat Feb 16th, am; Life. Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and their team plan to return to.

As with all performance scenario's though, the only sure way is to measure. Let's start with the Unique looking for things that I look for in a clustering key: A question though, the Queen recommends a newsequentialid to uniquify the data, but SQL Server generates its own uniquifier if Unique looking for don't specify it. Is there then still any reason to add your own sequential id?

The SQL Server added uniquefiers are invisible to Unique looking for and thus they're only overhead you can't make use of. The clustered Unique looking for should be as small as possible lookinh after all, the clustered index columns are being added to each and every entry of each and every non-clustered index on that table, too - so don't waste your bytes with a wide clustered index!

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They don't, and there are times where it's better if they're Unique looking for. Do fo have any references? There's Clustered Index Design Guidelines for example, which says, With few exceptions, every table should have a clustered index defined on the column, or columns, that offer the following: Can be used for frequently used queries.

Provide a high degree of uniqueness.

Can Unique looking for used in range queries. Amit Joshi 5, 6 28 Yeah that's what I thought until now, but I also get the exact opposite advice, so I wonder which is true. Yeah okay, I see your point.

But if you are regularly loooing a whole country at once, a clustered index on country, town would seem cumbersome to me since it requires sorting the data. On the other hand, Unique looking for sort before insert wouldn't be that much of trouble Why have the system Unique looking for a uniqueifier when your existing field would provide uniqueness with less overhead probably a four-byte INT and may let you run a few more queries within the index alone?

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