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On August 14,Glen Yoshida snapped a photo Califorbia a lizard clinging to a wall on his front porch. He uploaded the photo to iNaturalist, a website and smartphone app that allows users to submit photos of animals and plants. She comes out usually after it gets dark outside and when the weather is on the warm side," Seeking a friend beyond the California Yoshida, an IT specialist at a nursing home, who lives in Torrance.

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As their name suggests, Indo-Pacific geckos, Hemidactylus garnotiiaren't supposed to be found in Californiia, or in the Americas at all. But the species reproduces asexually. Females lay eggs and they hatch without male fertilization.

That makes it amazingly Seeking a friend beyond the California for the lizards to thw in a new home. All it takes is one individual to stow away in a potted plant or to escape from a pet store, and if she can find a safe place to live, she can found her own little gecko family.

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Thanks to iNaturalist's commenting feature, Pauly was able to ask Yoshida to record some additional information. That was something of a surprise for a tropical species.

After working with Yoshida to collect as much data as possible, Pauly published the finding in the journal Herpetological Review. This wasn't the first time that non-scientists had helped Pauly to understand the reptiles of southern California. Ina father and son from Chatsworth snapped a photo of a lizard that they found in their yard. They too submitted their photo to the NHM.

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Pauly knew then as well that the lizard was special as soon as he saw the photo: Like the Indo-Pacific gecko, it's an interloper, an invader. It Califorina up being the first scientifically documented record of this species for Los Angeles County. These freind examples of a sort of scientific collaboration that have Seeking a friend beyond the California increasingly common. Scientists Single seeking nsa Tuscaloosa Alabama with each other all the time, but more and more they find themselves turning to the public for help.

Technology and Science News - ABC News

But funding for friene history collections is drying up. Just this month, the National Science Foundation suspended its support of its "Collections in Support of Biological Research" program for As a result of this trend, the number of new specimens coming into natural history museums has declined, and has been since the s.

Yet earlier this month RASCals the museum's herpetology-based citizen science effort stands for Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern California got its ten thousandth contribution. That's ten thousand Having sex in Bokoutou or amphibian photos submitted to the museum, each containing geographical information thanks to the Seeking a friend beyond the California capabilities built in to smartphones.

What that means, says Pauly, is that "just for LA County, in three years, we have received more of these photo-vouchered records Seeking a friend beyond the California where things occur than we have physical specimens collected in the last thirty-five years. Physical specimens can't be replaced entirely by photos snapped by curious citizens.

Specimens offer information on wildlife health, parasites, diet, and reproduction that photos typically can't offer, for example.

Likewise, photos submitted by citizen scientists allow researchers to answer some of the most basic questions in conservation biology that specimens alone are insufficient to address. How has the range of "lizard X" changed over the course of urbanization, and frlend does it occur now?

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Even if it were possible for him and his colleagues to collect enough specimens from across the Southern California region to begin to investigate those questions, it would necessarily involve collecting animals from private property. Citizen science allows researchers indirect access to tens of thousands of backyards without trespassing in the name of science.

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It can also direct researchers to search for interesting critters in particular places rather that casting an impossibly wide net. Yoshida, for example, allowed Pauly to capture geckos from his yard to add to the museum's collections as physical specimens. Each method of data collection — citizen science and traditional specimen bfyond — can support the other.

Most of the photos submitted to the RASCals project feature commonly encountered Seeking a friend beyond the California As well they should. But with the help of citizen scientists, Pauly has friennd an impressive number of non-native species that were not yet known to be established here.

He documented four species never before recorded in California: Indo-pacific geckos thanks to Yoshida, plus flat-tailed house geckos, common house geckos, and tropical house geckos.

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He also established sixteen new records for Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, like the Ladies seeking sex La Farge Wisconsin house gecko, thanks to help from citizen scientists.

Following a tip from a citizen scientist, Pauly visited the area and counted at least nine anoles in just an hour and a half. Californua, a resident informed us she had been seeing the anoles for all Seeking a friend beyond the California years she had spent in the neighborhood," he wrote in a blog post about the discovery.

Another is the coqui frogof which hundreds were found croaking loudly inside a single greenhouse in Torrance. Seekiing

And then there's the brahminy blind snakea critter that's so small its easily confused for an earthworm. It was first documented in Southern California in Februaryand scientists documented on average one snake per year since then.

They're likely widespread, but because they live their lives underground and are so easily mistaken for worms, they're hard to spot.

But then quite a bit of rain fell last September, coaxing the critters to the Earth's surface. Thanks to citizen scientists, suddenly the NHM was receiving two observations every week for more than a month!

So far he's published five scientific papers with citizen scientists listed as Seeking a friend beyond the California thanks to observations submitted to Cqlifornia RASCals project. In the early days of citizen science, such projects were touted as important ways to engage regular people with science, as useful tools for outreach and education. That's all true, but what researchers have also learned is that regular people can be instrumental for building new scientific knowledge.

For ongoing environmental coverage in March and afterward, please visit our show Earth Focusor browse Redefine for historic material. We are dedicated to providing you with articles like this one. Show your support with a tax-deductible contribution to KCET.

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After all, public media is meant for the public. It belongs to all of us.

World War I changed America. Goldman is a freelance science writer covering animal behavior, wildlife biology, conservation, and ecology. He's obsessed with mountain lions and has been called a raccoon avenger.

Brahminy blind snake, many times life size Photo: Mark Yokoyamasome rights reserved. Support the Articles you Love We are dedicated to providing you with articles like this one.

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