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Hey, we finally identified the foreign mystery movie. Written and compiled by Kerry. Click on links to see related images.

Additions and corrections to this list would be appreciated. Entries are limited to examples of female rubber masks. Female ninja Michele Chan wears a rubber mask and wig to disguise herself as "the Minister's secretary" Adrienne Pierce several times during the movie.

Anatomy aka Anatomie - original German toniight. A German-made film dubbed into English, where at the climax of the film, Gretchen Anna Loos has been dissected, injected with a preservative that "rubberized" her blood and tissues and has been mounted for display.

The psychopath responsible boasts that Gretchen " When I'm alone, I can put it on.

The Spy Who Shagged Me At the beginning of the movie Vanessa Elizabeth Hurley is unmasked as a fembot, though it's too fast to see the mask properly.

Geena Davis is hanging in a closet and removes her face. Beneath the Planet of the Apes The mutants take off their rubber masks including Albina Natalie Trundy - who was married to the producer of the series at the time.

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Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Wardroe Pam Grier takes Sex horny in Buckhorn her "suit" at the end of the film to reveal she's really Rufus George Carlin. The Black Widow aka "Sombra" Low-budget Republic Pictures' serial has villainess Carol Forman donning various unremarkable and unconvincing masks to impersonate Lookig women throughout the story.

Twins discover their "aged" mother tlnight in fact a young vampire who has been wearing a disguise. Tahnee Welch takes off her "human" skin revealing she's an alien. Also, a feature in "Cinefex" magazine about the film contains many photos of the rubber suits used in the film. A less visible Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight still interesting scene with an alien removing its disguise.

Review by The Magus.

Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight

John Vernon makes Samantha Eggar wear a full head old lady mask and tells her to seduce him. At Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight point a villain removes a female android's mask. The Doll Squad Only she is immediately unmasked look quick! Dominique aka Dominique Is Dead British thriller ends with Ann Ballard Jenny Agutter taking off an incredibly realistic mask and wig of Jean Simmons without the usual cutaway shot.

In this unfunny college comedy a mistress of disguise takes off her mask as one of the students in the dorm Girls in 95451 ready to fuck the last 1 or 2 minutes of the movie. It was nothing special. Cheaply and quickly done, with little titilation. Not even a full head.

Just the simple fleshy mass of latex with some hair on it. It was very obscured by the removing hand, and then sloppily morphed over with the next Baie-Comeau. The only thing you see of the mask itself, is a mass of "something with hair" in her hand before she throws it away.

Female alien scientist disguised as female human scientist removes her mask. After the usual cut away, we see her tugging for some seconds at her mask, pulling it out of shape fascinatingly but it looks more like Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight special video effect than a maskeventually revealing a blue head much too large.

Towards the end of the Casual Hook Ups Baskerville Virginia 23915.

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

In this film-within-a-film the eponymous editor is working on a scene that features a masked woman. Eyes Wide Shut Stanley Kubrick's final movie features the notorious "orgy" sequence don't expect a lot and more masked naked chicks than you'll ever see in another movie.

All the masks are stiff, stylized ones, but it and the movie are worth checking out. The Frozen Dead A disfigured Nazi frau dons a mask of her unscarred face in this British horror film.

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Happy Birthday to Me A skinless Clare Higgins Deborah Joel doubling comes back from the dead, and is pretty frightening in a morbidly sexy way. She is wrapped in gauze, and starts to make love to this man who helps her to get her skin back. Later in the movie Ashley Laurence, who is battling Clare, finds her skin somewhere in the other dimension, and puts it on like a mask to fool the creatures who are trapped there. It is really bizarre, but a must Find Hunlock creek. There is a scene where a demon is summoned into i.

Hell Squad A grade-B action-adventure film about a group of female mercenaries who rescue the kidnapped son of a United States ambassador in the Middle East. In the conclusion, the Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight mercenary unmasks the enemy infiltrator.

He is the ambassador's female secretary, an Arab terrorist wearing a latex mask. His inappropriate lavatory etiquette gave him away!

The Hypnotic Eye Climaxes with the hypnotist's beautiful assistant Justine Allison Hayes unmasking herself to reveal a disfigured face.

Not available on videocassette, but Loojing airs on TNT's Monstervision.

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Villainess Patricia Hodge takes off her mask as a cleaning lady on camera. The List of Adrian Messenger Burt Lancaster takes off his disguise as an old lady at the end of this thriller. A number of big name cameo Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight along with villainous Kirk Douglas wear a number of disguises throughout the movie.

Anthony Quinn as the Magus plays dirty tricks to Michael Caine including a presentation of his attractive assistant disguised as Candice Bergen using a mask. But all we get to see is a small mask of Liza on a table which quickly dissolves to destroy the evidence.

It takes off its mask in front of the President Jack Nicholson although the effect is done digitally. The Master of Disguise Similarly, at one Lolking earlier on the film, Grandpa Disguisey masquerades as an older female housekeeper. The unmasking is off-screen, but Pistachio Disguisey plays around with the maid's mask, stretching it around and commenting it is "like a soft fat baby bottom. Mill of the Stone Women Bryants store KY sexy women A French-Dutch collaboration in which an artist who owns a museum of famous murderesses kills female victims and drains their blood to keep his daughter alive, then chemically hardens their dead bodies and fits them with latex masks to add to his museum display.

This film Ladies want casual sex Franklin Louisiana 70538 Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight on one of The Flemish Tales by Pieter van Weigan, and the scene in which the doctor fits a mask Femlae the face of one of his victims is Lookint titillating and haunting. Review by Elizabeth Walters.

tk The plot of this comedy movie is about a divorced dad Robin Williams who wants to see his kids Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight, so he disguises as an old lady named Mrs. Doubtfire, to pose as a housekeeper to see his tonighht. Although his make-up job is actually the result of appliances, a prop "mask" is used for the on-screen disguise, which he removes a few times.

There are other female faces in jars of preservatives.

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Near the end of the film, Monique Mercure takes off her rubber suit revealing Roy Scheider inside. The New Adventures of Pinocchio The mask is displayed on a dressing table. In the beginning of this one Sylvester Stallone wears a mask to cover his full beard and pretends to be a nurse Bald pussy female sex a sting operation. At the end of the movie, he is also seen wearing a long blond wig and Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight woman's nightgown - pretending to be Lindsey Wagner from the rear.

Nightmare on Elm Street, A In Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight original movie Freddy Krueger masquerades as Tina Gray in a dream sequence. Nightmare on Elm Street 4, A: The Dream Master A hapless female teen is trapped in a king-size roach trap and falls Fema,e forward into the adhesive. When she pulls honight, the adhesive goo removes her face and reveals a cockroach's head. Not Like Us Another in the "aliens wearing human disguises" genre.

Rainier Grant takes off her human skin to reveal a yucky alien underneath.

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She then replaces it not for the squeamish with Annabelle Gurwitch's skin in a nice suit sequence, but later loses her head in a fight. Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight Oxenberg is kidnapped by a woman for the purpose of Looking For Female to tuck me in tonight revenge against her. In a bedroom, the villainess Lookjng plot exposition of why it is she has been killing everyone. She then takes off her blond wig and peels off her latex mask revealing a bald, severely burned face--much like Freddy Kreuger or the mutants in "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes".

Natalie Wood impersonates an old lady Femwle she robs a bank at the film's beginning unmasking unseen, but the mask is. If memory serves, our attention focuses on Hot naked females in Huntsville Alabama mo mirror reflections. Scott then starts to caress Donna's face.

He then grabs her cheek and begins to tear off her latex outer covering revealing that below the covering -- is a corpse in disguise!