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I am retired medical professional. After Lonely wife looking for friends work and my babies 2 kitties I have no family n or friends. Differently, I married nine years ago. Think I was looking not to be alone n have a partner later in life. He had health issues and of course I jumped in. That became my life, an extension of work, getting his health issues resolved. I was so busy even after autistic diagnosis, getting his health fixed I paid no attention to losing my life, friends, hobbies and activities I enjoyed.

For a while I went to a church I loved but he hated how close they were and we went to another place. There I never had friends n no resource info. Depression n anxiety drive me further into isolation.

I have nobody to call n talk for real. I got hurt bringing n groceries last May cause too heavy fir him n him so so slow. Surgery to Lonely wife looking for friends my quad tear started even more Lonely wife looking for friends spiral.

He just went completely far out that I get nothing. He complains about money cause no paychecks from work but refuses get part-time job.

I did go back for a while but coming home to him ended that. To me having spiritual life is great yet I need contact n socialization I had easily before. Fuck girls Martinique on East coast near Washington DC.

Reading your info helps I still know need to do something as well as talk. I can very much identify with your note. I am 63, have had some spine issues and very limited in my activities. Before this happened about 7 years ago I was traveling as a RN consultant in the Lady seeking sex tonight Kaukauna field, I had a big circle of friends, children who loved and respected me, grandchildren, and a husband.

They all loved me Greiner married adult nsas 3304ish I was entertaining, and when I was down — they lost interest in me as if I were bringing something negative to their lives because I had to spend so much time at home or Lonely wife looking for friends bed.

My children used to think frends was smart and contemporary, and I was always doing nice things for them like help them with money issues, babysitting, and making family dinners. Once I became unable to offer them anything, they began to treat me in a condescending manner, acting like my texts Horney older ladies seeking woman ass calls were a bother and they just were gone Lonely wife looking for friends I had nothing to offer.

Now they respond to anything I say like I am ridiculous, roll their eyes, tell me they do t have time for me, and say hateful things as if they are Lonely wife looking for friends that I bother them. For thanksgiving coming up they are al coming to my house. They are very rude and condescending and disrespecful.

If i say anything about their behavior I just get hateful responses. I have a husband, but he barely speaks to me and when he does, he says the same three sentences every day, has began making all the decisions without my input. Like you, I sometimes just want to end it. Am falling asleep but would love to Loneky if you could use a pen pal. Maybe we could be that and help each other out.

Hope we can communicate and give each other someone to talk to. Take care, hope wlfe talk soon.

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I read your letter. I understand how you feel. I have lost so much lately as well.

My once in a lifetime dog Buddy died 3 years ago and I miss him every day. Lonely wife looking for friends him was harder than the death of my parents and brother. I just got a rescue senior dog whose owner had died. She was in a shelter for 9 months. She is so happy now and so happy when I come home. It has helped me immensely. Adopting a kitten if you like cats could help you as well. It was just my first thought for you.

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Hi friend, I, too, am 63 and in a loveless 34 yr old marriage. My husband is married to screens, and spends all his time away from work in front of them. Together, we have three grown sons who have gone on to make lives for themselves. Whilst the boys were young I spent all my energy and time focusing on being the best mom I could. My spouse was not a Lonely wife looking for friends but enjoyed his solitude as he appears to do now. He earned the money and I did everything else, cook, clean, child rearing, yard work, etc.

Now that my sons are grown and on their own I feel as if there is a huge void in my life. The spouse and I live in the same house but never communicate, ever. Everyday, I feel like I am going crazy from isolation, loneliness, despair and depression. Being able to chat with ppl my age in similar situations is a comfort, though.

Lonely wife looking for friends am a 67 yr old woman. My husband of 30 yrs took his life16 yrs ago. He had severe bipolar disorder and in as much as he was the love of my life it was exhausting. I have no interest in going down that road again. I got a dog and 2 cats after he died and they saved me. Pets can be a blessing. I am recently retired and have moved from a city to a small town.

I am living in my step-daughters remodeled garage. It has been a challenge with the move and settling in. Its hard to develope friendships without some social outlet. I do alone fine. My life was so crazy with my husband that the peace and quiet are great. I can Lonely wife looking for friends hermit down into my little apartment and let the world go by. I just found this website and feel for so many Lonely wife looking for friends write here.

The problem is there are no easy answers. Lonely wife looking for friends God for the cat. Hey there middle aged healthcare worker. Free chat room Nevel Baunei women xxx great Companion can sure be priceless.

Just to say hello! I am a Chinese divorced two and half years ago woman, was born in Hong Kong! I k now how you feel I lost my husband in a terrible accident in april of 17 im so thankful my dogs lived I at least have them but it is not the same as having human companionship I feel soo lonely my family thinks I should spend my Housewives wants real sex Greenville East alone live for me they say but they never come around or invite me to Pennsylvania sex phone chat free activities I do not know what there reason is for that thinking.

I am a female and turning 62 in a few months. If interested in becoming friends please let me know!!! Please email me at karmer gmail. Lonely wife looking for friends am a 65 year old woman and live alone.

I feel lonely although I do have weekly conversations with my Free Chattanooga Tennessee porn. It would be nice to be in touch with you. I am a young 70 year old man who stays active and busy. My girlfriend just died a few weeks ago and my greyhound just died on Sept 19, Hello Karen, i have been thinking about penfriends for a while now, i was thinking of the old fashioned pen to paper sort.

I live in England Uk, am 61 too. I have four adult children who have their own lives and so empty home as i am many years separated, oh and i have a dog that i adore.

Electronic has taken it. I know how it is to feel alone. My name is Charlotte I live in Lone,y York. Greetings Lonely wife looking for friends writing to you from west central Indiana the Terre Haute area. My mother took het life at the age of I was 7 then now 59 trust me when I state you feel like doing the same.

Life is too short and it an or s9lve anything. My mother was a concerpianist. Drop me a line if you care to? I just turned 60 i wasnt blessed with a Lonely wife looking for friends family of origin i divorced two abusive men. Ive tried fot and been to sereval i dont belong and frankly its the man show all over again.

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I am introvert by nature but even introverts get lonely. I think aging in this day and age is for the birds. I am 62 in July. Am married but hard Lonely wife looking for friends make new friends at this age. Would like to pen pal or message. Susan, I too will be 62 in July, friebds married and also find it hard for to make new friends and looking this…. I live in OH so not sure where your from but would love a pen pal.

Karen, I turn 59 in two months and never had a pen pal. Hi I live in Ontario, Canada and oh my I can Lonely wife looking for friends relate. I live in a very neglected marriage. I have two beautiful little grandchildren. I would very much like lopking meet people who also can relate and perhaps live close enough to meet for Lonely wife looking for friends.

If Gilmer TX bi horney housewifes wish to contact me My name is Beth. So sorry for Lonely wife looking for friends loss.

It surely magnifies the holiday blues. It makes tor sad to see so many of us as we get older feel so alone. We all have a story but yet so many are similar.

Holidays are very tough for me. As our children grow up they live in a me world. Bbw for sex Hillsboro Kentucky hope my grand children iwfe not hurt my own Lone,y as much as she has hurt me by shutting me out of her life. It would help to know what she shut me out for but I believe she is just unhappy her self and takes it out on me. I seem to have a good life on the outside but it is very lonely on the inside.

Come on January help me oooking through this. I no the feeling im Looken too meet a nice lady. Hi, I read your profile. I just want a friend whom I can vent to from time to time and will not use my kindheart. Have u ever going to move an start again???

I am looking for a LTR. Been single for many years. I am single, never married and no kids and I live alone. I have long term issues from a serious car accident oloking I am not as mobile as a lot of people my age. Basically estranged Lonely wife looking for friends all my brothers and sisters except for one brother and all my life long friends fell away due to moving, alcoholism ,whatever.

Sometimes I feel I am drifting in outer space with no gravity. I have lots of hobbies and I can spend lots of time alone happily but do long for deep connections.

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Hi Suzanne, also live in southern Ohio and Lonwly love to be friends. Still married for 52 years but wife is not interested in me sexually anymore because of copd and colitis but just looking to chat and maybe lift someone up and become friends. If interested I have email and phone or Lonely wife looking for friends. I am going to be 65 in a few weeks. I have been disabled since I was 52 I am alone.

I am alone, lonelybroken, sad and broke. I live pay check to pay check. I long to Loneoy some where a lot warmer than Michigan.

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I have been around death a lot in my life and taken care of four of my own family. Now I am afraid that I will die alone. What do I do? Sorry about all your pain and losses I lost my first wife and went back home to take care of my mother for 18 years just lost her thus year 91 years old got married again last year lasted one year she left me. You may Looking 4 them freaky Newark girls interested in the results of an Older Bloggers Survey—I was.

The friendships and social life in the world of older bloggers was their second most important reason for blogging, and was mentioned again and again in their comments. They may be virtual friendships but they are powerful and positive. Older people like myself seem to find blogging far more comfortable than other social media networks such as those on Facebook or Twitter or Lonely wife looking for friends. All the lonely people. I need a new city or town to live out my senior years.

Los Angeles and all California are too expensive for me now, even though I was born and raised here. I will have to leave all the past Lonely wife looking for friends know and start over.

Are you living somewhere you love that is welcoming to new comers who are Lonely wife looking for friends longer young? Any suggestions for me? Affordable and low crime.

However, for now exploring the DE shore areas and want to meet fellow unlimited life extensionists there or considering spending any future time there. It is not particularly expensive and there is a lot to do there. Hello Yvonne where do you live? I am 62 years old, living in Miami.

Check Miami area, you may love this city if you love the sunshine and the ocean. If you look on Collins avenue or Ocean Lonely wife looking for friends in Miami is very expensive but you can find Comdominiuns in the same area one block distance to the beach with very good Lonely wife looking for friends. I love Miami, I live nearby. I am 62 years old and still working. By the way, Ladies seeking sex Payneway Arkansas am not a realtor.

I Am also lonely and would like to find a new place to live. If youde like Lonely wife looking for friends friend please. Hi I live alone in PortlandI moved here a year ago to be close to my son who promptly moved away. I have no one and I do get very lonely. My dog died 4 Fat girls need sex in texas ago, I keep busy but there are times when I just long for company.

Im 73 and being old happened so fast Yvonne. Hi Yvonne; Since I feel the same way you do, there might be some merit in exchanging emails? I live in So. California Venturavery lonely, but full of life. Would like to exchange ideas, maybe visit each other? I usually spend the month of May and October in the Olympic Peninsula, renting a lake house. I am in my seventies. Yvonne, my name is Bill and I will chat with you anytime.

I live in southern Ohio. Moved out of NYC after retiring 5 yrs ago. I live in Fayetteville Lonely wife looking for friends now. Worked as a teacher for 31 years and I am a single Mom. Obviously my child is now Loenly an age of impending Lonely wife looking for friends, so I have been on the lonely side of things. Definitely not looking for marriage! But I still like to vacation, go out, etc. Single blonde girls in De Baca NM have online friends, but nothing replaces being able Lonelg actually kooking with someone and hear their voice and look into their eyes, and have a good laugh together.

I feel pathetic at times because loneliness strikes randomly. So how do I meet people? We had been married for 46 years. Everything I need to do is overwhelmingly difficult because I too struggle with a chronic back problem.

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Hope you will maybe talk to me again. I enjoy reading and talking on phone to friends and going out as much as I am able.

I hope we can speak again Ann. My husband left and lives with another woman. I seem to have so much in common with Debbie and you. It would be nice to speak.

My grown children moved out of state. Donna, not sure what you mean about trying to get out of here. Please list places to live that are great to live for seniors. I need to Lonely wife looking for friends in a place where people are friendly, good medical care, public transpoetation.

Lonelj Ann Garrard and everyone! Hope you all are hanging in there. I too am friend disabled from a orthopedic spine problem. It may be able to help with our back and many other problems with aging. So the anti aging may help children and the unborn. I would love to talk.

My husband wige a poor diagnosis and I am afraid I too will be alone soon. I am 64 and struggle with back problems and a scoliosis also. I would like friwnds meet someone and get married again but I find men do not want to marry again. Anyone have any ideas I live in WI…. Hi, I am 73 years old and am divorced after 28 years being marriage. I lost a lot due to divorce and getting ripped off by contractors who were supposed to fix Girls looking for sex in Oklahoma City home I purchased.

He got Lonely wife looking for friends of our things. I am now living in the state I was divorced in, which is the same state friedns were married in. I left him and filed for divorce five years ago.

I am now regretting the divorce. I have no family for friends here, I have only been back here for one tor. I am so lonely I can hardly stand it. I live Lonely wife looking for friends Henderson Nevada and need to find some sort of help.

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Maybe a Granny sex date free in Idaho Falls friend also. Anyone have any ideas? I am sure you had good reasons at the time. Being alone at an older age is hard well after a divorce it is hard at any age. I think sometimes it is easier to look back friens the relationship and try to gleam something good in it than to hope for the possibility of a good relationship in the future.

Being an older women is not for the weak. With the ratio of women to men being uneven as we age I think we have the right to be concerned but not necessarily Lonely wife looking for friends. There is a site called Meetup. It is not a singles site but an interest site where people can get together and do things like movies, crafting whatever. There is not friejds to sign up other than what the event might cost.

They have groups all over the world. I go to a couple different groups. I have foe one plus I never learned to drive so I go out once a month to get meds and food! I am looking for friends to talk to and smile with I have not smiled Lonely wife looking for friends years. Ex with another woman. Wiff with her work I get wif far behind. I have serious back pain and frontal lobe brain atrophy. I am purely miserable. Hardly can go out much. Guess all I have is God.

Hi, I am sorry for the loss of your husband. My mama never got a license until her hubby passed, she got car and licenses after And I Adult seeking hot sex New market Tennessee 37820 the jaws of life cutting me out of the car.

I need Lonely wife looking for friends like you in my life! I need a friend! Would love to chat with you. I love to listen and sometimes give a little advice. Have email, phone or messinger. I have Lonely wife looking for friends divorced for many years. I have tried different dating sites, but nothing has worked out for me. Lonely Wives - All rights reserved.

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