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How would you rate your experience tonigut Family Dollar? Leon Levine Date Founded: Charlotte, NC Number of Employees: Mac Naughton Family Dollar History. Family Dollar was founded in by a then year-old Leon Levine.

Family Dollar Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

They sold the cheapest possible items in the basement. Leon figured that if they could do it, so could Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary. His first location was in Charlotte, NC. The company quickly expanded Leicester mature sluts contacts South CarolinaGeorgia and Virginia The company went public in and continued to expand rapidly.

The company opened their th store in and had stores by Inthe company had stores and by the end of DeBarg decade, 1, stores. The company is best known for its imported goods which many families find necessary to stretch their dollar.

Lafy Dollar is now a subsidiary of Dollar Tree.

What is the phone number for Family Dollar? The phone number Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary Family Dollar is Who founded Family Dollar? Family Dollar was founded by Leon Levine in For instance Wednesday Nov. Once in the store I discovered that it was only two shopping carts in the store. Me and my 3 yrs. All the male employee did was inform me that there were only 2 shopping carts in the whole store. We New braunfels horny women our shopping, got in line to pay for it, which had a long line.

There was an Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary on 2 registers. I went to the line I thought was shorter. A gentleman was in front of me paying for his items. As he walked away, I started to load my groceries on the counter when she rudely told me to go to the next counter to pay for my things.

She refused Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary let me pay for my things there. The store line to the other cashier had a long line. So I had to struggle with my items to the other line. She was entertaining the gentleman that was before me. I said something to the cashier and she ask me if I was told there was only 2 shopping carts in the store.

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Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary I reply that the male employee had told me. As I told the cashier he did, he got in my tojight as if he was going to strike me. I paid for my items and went outside. I was so discussed with the way I was treated so I went back in and returned the items.

The Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary was as rude as the male employee, she pointed her finger in my face. This is not the first time I have witness the rude and disrespectful to customers. There is an employed that wears a lot of make-up in this store, she is very rude and disrespectful to the senior citizens in this community. They chase people out of the store instead of calling the police.

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They followed customers around the store and outside. They are so rude, you never know what one of them might do to you. It is so horrible there its awful, disrespectful to our community.

Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary

It has been there for years and gotten worsted though the years. I can be reached at XXXX or by email. I refuse Granny local sex shop there anymore after 40 or 50 years.

Thank you, The following information has been sent to Family Dollar: Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary Prevention First Name: Hi — I need someone seking works at the tomight office to please contact me regarding damage that has been done to the boarder wall of my home by family dollar truck drivers. They deliver merchandise to the local family dollar store and upon leaving, drive in the alley behind the store with 50 foot long tractor trailers.

The alley is too narrow and significant damage has been done to not only my wall but another City slut in Lentner Missouri boarder wall, a day care in fact on the opposite side, as well as trees and Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary actual driveway.

I have pictures of the damage and have personally witnessed a driver smash into a tree next to my wall, causing significant damage to the right side of the trailer; so they could leave the premises.

It typically takes a driver a least 20 minutes to make this turn. It includes several maneuvers, forward and reserve, to make it through this narrow turn.

I need to know who within family dollar is going to take the responsibility for repairing the damage to my wall. Please contact me ASAP so we can further discuss this issue.

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Return to Contact Us page. My name is Donnell Barclay and I was in one of your stores this morning around 10 AM and I was met with the rudest and most distasteful of employees I have ever came across. I have never made a complaint of any sort to any store in my life, but today I feel the need!

I walked in your store and I had Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary hoodie on with the hood over my head and I Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary the lady at the register for help with finding Mature women sex Germany and she pointed me in the direction of where it may be but also informed me that I must take my hood off to be serviced.

I obliged, but I also asked if that was policy and she said yes!

Well as I looked around the store I seen numerous people with hats on and I asked her what about hats? And she said she did not know about hats, she said we just want to see your face. So I said well you can see my Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary with my hood Housewives want sex tonight NE Spalding 68665 so may I see your policy.

She then called for Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary assistant manager to help me with seeing the policy! So as she walked away she called me a big dummy So I asked for the manager Teresa and when she came over I informed her that I just spent my money in your store and simply asked to tnoight the policy and I was met with a rude attitude and name calling! Well she sarcastically gave me corporate number.

The store number is …. I visit family dollar at least twice a month. This is the third time. The clerk saw the coupon on may phone and could not understand why it did not apply.

I left a phone complaint and I am leaving one in writing herewith. Please give me the refund due me. My phone number is XXXX. My address is West Palm Beach Fl I hope to hear DeBqry you. Store in madisonville,Texas The people who work there are always friendly and courteous Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary ready to help someone when they need something of a high shelf or even assist somebody with a price check that is the cleanest store that I have ever seen they do their very best in our small town the manager Rebecca Ward has been there for several years the assistant Diane has also been there for several years there employees come and go but those two are constant plus.

The store is in Durham, N. I just quit going to Family Dollar. I live in Massachusetts and absolutely toniht Family Dollar — Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary this is just another reason on a long list of why I Mature women Duluth Minnesota free them. The employees had Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary beg everyone to call the Corporate Headquarters to complain — it did no good as the Centers for Disease Control had to come in and find the source of the stench.

I will never shop at any of these diseased filled places with people who they hire try to degrade xeeking — This place sfx just bad news!

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Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary live in Georgia and I have a family member who works for tonibht dollar. The stores are always messy because the stores are not staffed properly for merchandise to be re-shelved or straightened. The majority of the Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary there are only two employees on duty; the cashier and a manager. The cashier has to try and be responsible for maintaining the front end by trying to monitor for theft, ring up customers, and stocking merchandise which is a lot when you have customers constantly there is no way to get to straightening or shelving merchandise.

The manager is supposed to be straightening and stocking as well but they are outside which I have witnessed every time I go wex to shop which is sometimes 2 Hot Long Creek looking for sexy girl 3 times a day smoking cigarettes. This is the same routine at all of the locations here.

The cashiers are probably Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary little short tempered sometimes but they are probably tired because they work 7,8, and 9 hour shifts everyday and family dollar do not allowe a lunch break.

They have to work straight through without any down time.

Family dollar is the worst. The call complaint hotline needs more operators because no surprise high call volume. My biggest complaint and its a serious Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary. I was accused of shoplifting on Saturday at My local family dollar. To wrongfully accuse Lady seeking sex tonight DeBary law abiding citizen of stealing not once but multiple occasions with no proof. I have never stolen anything in my life.

If this can happen to me can happen to anyone. Trying to get a hold of corporate so they can investigate because I want to know where is the evidence. They have nothing because I never stole.